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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cellucap products reusable?

NO. Cellucap only manufactures disposable products. Our products are only guaranteed for one use. After the initial use of any of our products, they may become contaminated, warped, stretched out or soiled and therefore, may not provide the type of barrier protection for which it was intended.

Will Cellucap drop ship to my customer?

YES. We will gladly drop ship your order to your customer. Your regular freight criteria applies. If your order is below $100, there will be a small order fee of $15 that must appear on your purchase order for it to be processed.

How do you measure a hairnet or bouffant cap?

Put your pointer finger from each hand inside the elastic of the net or cap. Pull it taught... but not too tight as to snap the elastic. Measure the stretched item against a ruler or measuring tape to get the size. Round up or down to the nearest available size.

What is the cut off time for same day shipments?

NOON EASTERN TIME. In order to allow enough time for processing of a UPS (small package service) sized order, it must arrive at our office no later than noon eastern time. As long as we have stock on the item(s) you're ordering and your account is in good standing, your order should be able to ship the same day. We ask that you please notify the office by phone or email to assure your same day request is handled promptly. Please note that rush orders requiring LTL need at least one business day to process.

How much does my order need to be to get prepaid freight?

$2500 OR MORE (unless other arrangements have been made) within the continental US only to a single shipping location.

Do you sell to consumers?

NO. Cellucap sells to distributors only. We have an extensive chain of distributors both large and small. Our customer service specialists will gladly assist you in finding a distributor that carries the Cellucap product(s) you are looking for.

What is the minimum order amount?

$100 to avoid a small order fee of $15. If your order is below $100 your purchase order must clearly show the $15 small order fee for it to be processed.

How long before my order ships?

Cellucap keeps an extensive inventory of our popular products for immediate shipment. If your order has an expected arrival date, we will ship based on that date. If there is no date listed on your order, it will be treated as an ASAP arrival. We can usually ship most stock orders within 1-3 business days, but, when possible, we ask for as much lead time as you can offer to allow for transit and production forecasting. If your order is a custom or made to order item, please allow 2-5 weeks for production. Other criteria such as import only items, large quantities or extenuating circumstances (such as weather) can also delay shipment, but these are rare situations.

I am a distributor... how can I set up an account?

You must submit your purchase order of at least $200 or more along with your credit references (3 trade references and 1 bank reference on your letterhead) to be considered for "net 30 days" terms. We will not set your account up until your order is in house.

Can I get samples of your products?

YES. Please send an email to samples@cellucap.com or fax 215-324-1290 with your request, listing the items you would like and any applicable sizes or colors. Your sample order will be processed within 3 business days and sent by UPS or USPS. Please note that we do not sample acrylic dispensers, full cases or boxes of product or high ticket items unless special arrangements are made.

Do you have pictures of your products?

YES. We have tried to incorporate as many pictures as possible on the website, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact our customer service department by phone or email with your request.

What are your customer service hours?

8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time.

Do you custom imprint your clothing items?

NO. We do not custom imprint our disposable clothing. We only print on our overseas hats and chef hats.

Can you custom print your paper caps?

YES. This is something we are well known for. We can custom imprint any of our 5 styles of overseas caps in up to 4 colors. Since we manufacture and print our paper caps domestically, we can often do them in as little as 4 weeks (depending on quantity and approval process). Please contact a customer service specialist for our custom print price sheet that includes guidelines on submitting your artwork and minimums.

Do you manufacture Tyvek® clothing?

We manufacture disposable protective wear using alternative materials such as SMS, Breathable Barrier, Polypropylene and Polycoated Polypropylene. Please call a customer service specialist with the situation your garment is being used for and we will gladly recommend the right alternative material.

Are your products latex free?

YES. All of our products are made with latex free elastic.

Do you break case on your products?

SOMETIMES. Please contact a customer service specialist to find out if the product you are looking for is available in a smaller quantity.

Do you ship out of the US?

For LTL shipments going out of the country, we will gladly ship to your freight forwarder in the US or you can make arrangements for your shipment to be picked up at our US facility. For small package shipments, you can provide us with your UPS or Federal Express account number and the method in which you would like your product shipped. For further information, please contact customer service.

How do I place my order?

You can email your purchase order to orders@cellucap.com or fax to 215-324-1290

Part of my shipment is missing or damaged?

If LTL, your receiving department MUST sign for the piece count received at delivery. If they do not sign short and the product is not found, you could be responsible for payment of the entire shipment. If product is damaged, it should be signed as such on the trucker copy of the bill of lading and refused at delivery. You should notify a customer service specialist by phone or email of any shortage or damage within 5 days of receipt of your order or your discrepancy will not be honored.

Do you take credit cards?

NO. In an effort to reduce our operating costs, we do not accept credit card payments. You can apply for credit terms, pay by check, money order or wire transfer.

How do I submit a bid for special pricing?

Please make sure your bid request contains your company information, the bid user information, items, quantities and deadline. You can fax your bid request to 215-324-1290 or email to bids@cellucap.com. Please allow at least 2 business days for processing.